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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DynaYak N35?
DynaYak represents the great wilderness. N35 represents the isolate land at 35 degrees north latitude. N35 is designed to meet a variety of severe environments and provide safe and reliable power supply.

What cells we use in DynaYak N35?
We use Low temperature lithium-ion battery which can guarantee 1000 cycles. So you don’t have to worry the broken of the cells, and by the way, the product is guaranteed for 12 months, we provided free repair or exchange for all defective parts, which not damaged by user.

What is the weight of this unit?
No matter N35 or N35-N, the net weight is 22KG, with package is 32KG.
What's the maximum Amp output and how long will it last at maximum output?
The maximum output power of the N35 is 1800 watts and the battery capacity is 1200wh. It can work for 30 minutes at the maximum power. Because the N35 product is designed for the power supply in extreme environments, it can work as backup power for home and cars.

Can it handle salt water?
We have done the test of soaking it in salt water completely, and N35 can still work after soaking in salt water with a concentration of 4%!

Is it available in any version?
We have two versions, one is the international version which equipped with 220V AC ports the other is the U.S./CA version which is equipped with 110V AC ports.

How many solar modules can I use at the same time with N35-N?
It’s available to connect 5 solar modules at the same time to reach 600W input.It’s fully charged in 3 hours.
What's the water-resisitance rating for N35-N?
DynaYak N35 adopts IP67 waterproof and dustproof design which is the world’s first power station that can meet this condition. Equipped with M-ICOB waterproof system, there’s an independent waterproof design for the socket, mainboard area (PCM system), and battery pack inside N35-N.  
What's the max output for N35-N?
The peak outlet of N35-N is 3000W.
How long will it spend to recharge N35-N fully?
N35-N is designed to charge from many options. You can connect to your car charger, solar panels, wall outlet, or 750W professional charger, which to fully charge in 3 hours.With car charger or wall outlet ,it may cost 3~6 hours to recharge N35-N full,and with solar modules ,it will take 3~4hours.