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You will never meet such powerful outdoor power station again.

IP67 Waterproof and Dust-proof
DynaYak N35-N adopts IP67 waterproof and dustproof design which is the world’s first power station that can meet this condition. That means only DynaYak can be immersed into the water directly, and there is of course no problem to wash it directly!Waterproof grade IP67 is also enough to endure any heavy rain, flooding, or rainstorm.
MRB Shockproof System
MRB suspension system offers effective protection when the device is attacked with strong vibration, shock, or dropping.
With DynaYak Power Anywhere Anytime 
With 1200Wh capacity and 1800W AC output, N35-N’s advanced battery pack system enables you to power heavy-duty outdoor appliances and tools. The peak output is up to 3000W which is the same as DynaYak N35.

Smart Phone(15W)

Camera (18W) Laptop (80W)

Leaf Blower(100W)

65 Times 45 Times 15 Times 11 Hours

Electric-Drill (300W)

Logging Saw (500W)

Coffee Maker (600W)

Electric Grill (1500W)

3.5 Hours 2 Hours 1.8 Hours 0.6 Hours
Work Temperature From -20℃ to 50℃
In the cold weather of -20℃(-4℉)to hot weather of 50℃(122℉). N35-N can charge and discharge as usual.
Meet All You Need

Multipe Charge

perfect for:

  • Outdoor Camping
  • Fishing or Boating
  • Off the Grid 
  • Van Life
  • Workshop Power Supply 
  • Home Battery